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HELP (11) mary_jay
Club chat box [177] rahma_08
Can a girl..... (5) dpak14u
Wat makes a guy not 2 check on (6) diceygrl
How do you know a man loves yo (19) metalace
*shyness* (26) wikp
Cheating (4) basurera
Just love lol (2) jugsjulz
My bro (4) jugsjulz
Family issues (19) danhage
I beg u all (6) trowland
wat u feel 4dream s*x? (3) tagilove
Hw 2 deal wit moody ppl (5) loewieee
help (4) dpak14u
ever since i broke p with my (2) njobvu
Plz help if u know! (1) kishna
Who knws wer notyg is ??? (16) vsight
lost (3) dyke
Im want to die (13) greatday
Y do men lie 2 their girlfrien (5) loewieee
How to approach a gal (27) milenum4
What do men really wants? (15) loewieee
Y do ppl complain wen sum1 is (5) loewieee
Unwanted interest (8) jugsjulz
Long lasting love? (3) bad_01
*weakness* (27) wikp
Relatinships (6) konci
What (2) moxidos
What does she think? (4) konci
Love.... (33) dj_sam
Making impact (2) vijay09
eXisTance (22) dj_sam
Bugs me! (1) jugsjulz
Away for long! (24) kidzen
Why can't people tell you what (8) metalace
Abnormal separation (3) johnie14
Life after divorce (14) tyraluc
Love n hate...pls help me (7) b3l4
mood of the day... [55] m_o_o_n
Is it the one? (1) totoe
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