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Subject: Club chat box
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rahma_08 16.03.10 - 09:12am
Lets talk bou anythng! *

dj_sam 16.03.10 - 04:07pm
sure let's talk abOut anything... sOmething... everything... 2thumbsup.GIF *

rahma_08 17.03.10 - 10:23am
I'm jst afraid.GIFdnt knw whts goin on wid othr membrs! *

dj_sam 17.03.10 - 04:06pm
members may be sleep.GIF na... hmmm.GIF when they wake up they will check Out Our grOup na... *

rahma_08 19.03.10 - 03:12am
wave.GIFhun,hw r u doing,missu.GIFso muchmwah2.GIF *

rahma_08 19.03.10 - 08:57am
In evrythng u do,think twice before u do! *

dj_sam 19.03.10 - 01:27pm
hi hun hOw r u? i am dOing fine was busy with wOrk so I cOuldnt lOgin na missu.GIF mwah... kiss.GIF *

gangatua 21.03.10 - 01:31pm
lovely;-) *

dj_sam 21.03.10 - 01:43pm
smile.GIF O yeah it's sO lOvely na... *

rahma_08 21.03.10 - 03:07pm
Thank u guys *

dj_sam 21.03.10 - 04:42pm
my pleasure hun mwah kiss.GIF 2thumbsup.GIF *

gulfchik 22.03.10 - 02:51am
wave.GIFma dearestfriends.GIFhw r u doing all!sry being away bt i'm bk nw! *

rahma_08 22.03.10 - 02:59am
welcome.GIFbk gulfchk,we r ok here,whre were ulol.GIF? *

gulfchik 22.03.10 - 02:04pm
Av bn kindr busy dear bt i'm nw bk in actioncheers.GIF *

dj_sam 22.03.10 - 02:14pm
welcOme back hun @ gulfchik mwah cheers.GIF *

fahooda 23.03.10 - 07:23am
I like ur group Dj sam.its a worth place 2 stay! *

dj_sam 23.03.10 - 07:44am
thanks alot hun @ fahooda... cheers.GIF *

gulfchik 23.03.10 - 07:46am
morning.GIF ma dearfriends.GIFhws evry1 2day?@rahma,r u stilsleeping.GIF?lazy gal! *

gulfchik 23.03.10 - 07:47am
mwah.GIF sam,hws u ma love2.GIF *

dj_sam 23.03.10 - 08:36am
mwah @ gulfchik... me fine hun kiss.GIF hOw r u hun? hey anyOne see rahma? wOrried abOut her I did nOt see her past twO days na... cry2.GIF *

gulfchik 23.03.10 - 09:49am
I saw her yestday bt she wsnt tht fyn,may bthinking.GIFshe is sick *

dj_sam 23.03.10 - 11:07am
alright must try tO catch her sOOn na... sO hOws life hun @ gulfchik? kiss.GIF mwah... *

jakimc 23.03.10 - 07:09pm
hi every1 wave.GIF im just poppin in2 this topic 2 say hello, i just joined 2day with a problem, i've posted it so hopefully sum1 will reply n try 2 cheer me up... gr8 group tho, its refreshin 2 c ppl tryin 2 help other ppl instead of all the in that goes on in pro smile.GIF btw, im gonna b a nice active member here nod.GIF x *

rahma_08 23.03.10 - 08:58pm
Wowwelcome.GIFjakimc,glad 2 see you here and thank_you.GIF4 joining our group!we wil try our level best 2 help u hunhug.GIF n lets hpe we'l coperate n be ready 2 help thse in neednah.GIF....cheers.GIF *

jakimc 23.03.10 - 09:10pm
hey happy.GIF i think maybe i need a chat n i will probably feel better bt im likin this group already... i'll try 2 help out where i can 2 im usually on the givin end of the advice ne way lol oh n plz call me jaki yes.GIF x *

rahma_08 23.03.10 - 09:22pm
Ma pleasure 2 see youhappy.GIFjaki...let me check ur topic *

rahma_08 24.03.10 - 03:17am
morning.GIFevry1,hws evry1 2day?@sammissu.GIFsoo much hunhugekiss.GIFi'm doing beta nw...hey gulfchikthank_you.GIF4 caring lol..@winx x x hw r u dear? *

winxxx 24.03.10 - 03:50am
I'm gr8 hun thanks.GIF missu.GIF all blowkiss.GIF *

rahma_08 24.03.10 - 03:52am
happy.GIF2 see you again dearhug.GIF *

winxxx 24.03.10 - 05:45am
Where is my darling? (seach2) *

winxxx 24.03.10 - 05:54am
happy.GIF 2 c u 2@rahma bt jz w0ndrn y u left my grp n u rem0ve yaself out of my list??sad.GIF Hv i d0ne wr0ng to u dear? confuse.GIF *

rahma_08 24.03.10 - 06:02am
U dint dne any wrng bt i thinking.GIF'm da 1 who did wrng 2 u dear,i felt sad2.GIF tht many of u left advice group!i jst thought may b i causd u guys 2 leav ths place,anyway we learnt through our mistke and i'm sory 4 tht! *

rahma_08 24.03.10 - 06:04am
I gues sam is at work,i also miss hm alot coz av bn away 4 2days! *

winxxx 24.03.10 - 07:03am
Its okay dear, i understand. And i'm sorry.GIF too if i did sumthn wr0ng 2u..btw me n sam nw are back 2 n0rmal! We'r friends.GIF again! hurray.GIF *

rahma_08 24.03.10 - 08:24am
Thats gud 2 hear and i'mhappy.GIF4 both of u guyshug.GIFu r all same 2 me,u are all mafriends.GIFand welcome.GIFback 2 ur househehe.GIF *

fahooda 24.03.10 - 08:49am
Hi evry1, *

dj_sam 24.03.10 - 12:49pm
ehem... pmpl.GIF glad t0 see every0ne back re-united.. thumbs_up.GIF *

rahma_08 25.03.10 - 06:02am
wave.GIF2 all ma friends.GIFhpe evry1 of u is fyn.gudday *

fahooda 25.03.10 - 04:01pm
Seems people r busy 2day! *

dj_sam 25.03.10 - 04:58pm
hello.GIF pe0ple may be getting ready with the weekend eve na... 2thumbsup.GIF *

rahma_08 26.03.10 - 08:05am
Whre da hell has ths lazy gulfchik gne? *

gulfchik 26.03.10 - 10:15am
Rahma rahma rahma!dnt make me c*m whre u r ok?i'm busy wid ma darlng!anyway hws r ma friends.GIFby da waymissu.GIFrahma.. *

dj_sam 26.03.10 - 04:52pm
hmmm.GIF every One is busy with their Own schedules na... *

fahooda 26.03.10 - 06:21pm
Yeah sam,work is drivng us crazy tht why we busy!i may b busy bt wnt stop c*mng 2 say hi! *

rahma_08 27.03.10 - 06:33am
morning.GIFevry1,hw r u doing ma dearestangel.GIFi jst missu.GIFguys *

dj_sam 27.03.10 - 07:28am
i missu.GIF u all na... cry2.GIF *

rahma_08 28.03.10 - 06:30am
Gudmrning ma lovely friends...hug.GIF i realymissu.GIFu all *

dj_sam 28.03.10 - 06:40am
missu.GIF all na... *

winxxx 28.03.10 - 08:02am
missu.GIF too my friends.GIF mwah.GIF hug.GIF *

aanchals 28.03.10 - 10:07am
wave.GIFhi there hwz ev1? *

dj_sam 28.03.10 - 11:59am
hello.GIF if u cOme regularly @ winx x x then u wOnt missu.GIF us na... i see u Only almOst everyday but u dOnt cOme tO Our grOup na... argh.GIF *

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