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Subject: Club chat box
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raheema 24.05.10 - 05:46am
iloveyou.GIFall guysmwah.GIF *

dj_sam 24.05.10 - 02:53pm
iloveyou.GIF aLL TOO mwah.GIF *

milenum4 20.07.10 - 09:53pm
Hi all em just a cul new guy here. *

dj_sam 21.07.10 - 04:53pm
hello.GIF *

raheema 6.08.10 - 01:28am
friends.GIFhw r u all?missu.GIFalot guys *

dj_sam 6.08.10 - 05:58am
missu.GIF aLL friends.GIF *

kidzen 6.08.10 - 01:19pm
Hey sam whats wrong! Members ar aslip *

dj_sam 7.08.10 - 07:20am
members may be busy maTe hmmm.GIF *

winxxx 7.08.10 - 04:09pm
smileyez.GIF hello.GIF *

dj_sam 12.08.10 - 07:42pm
hello.GIF @ winx x x mwah *

swtchoco 2.05.11 - 09:22am
Hello.. anybody home ??? I am new here.. I am searching for friends friends.GIF.. *

dj_sam 2.05.11 - 06:32pm
hello.GIF *

swtchoco 3.05.11 - 02:47am
(Hi) sam good morning and how are you? *

dj_sam 3.05.11 - 01:46pm
hello2.GIF thanks mate im fine wbu? *

swtchoco 3.05.11 - 04:44pm
Me too fine bro..
thank_you.GIF for your care and friendship sam.. hug.GIF

I came here to search my sis winx..

where is she and missing from a very very long time..

I am afraid she is not angry with me.. *

swtchoco 3.05.11 - 04:46pm
Why this home is very silent and where all friends ???

Hey friends come and rock here and make this group active..

Without friends nothing can be done..

Friends are precious in my life..

I love2.GIF you all friends.. *

dj_sam 4.05.11 - 03:18am
friends have ign0red this valuable gr0up sad t0 hear it na bro! btw winx x x can be contacted thru phone na hug.GIF *

swtchoco 4.05.11 - 03:28am
Hello Sam bro..
It seems she changed her contact number..
I tried several times but, could not speak to her..
Can you help me and tell her to inbox me or reply in her group or here.. *

swtchoco 4.05.11 - 03:29am
Hello Sam bro and all friends..

8X61PNB1eOHjNmQYxVRX.gif *

swtchoco 5.05.11 - 03:00am
Hello Sam bro and all friends here..

JL7KYTlSpFcJh90B5HRG.jpg *

swtchoco 5.05.11 - 03:01am
I uploaded the same pix hope it will be accepted and approved.. *

swtchoco 6.05.11 - 02:57am
hello.GIF all friends..

GjOOb1YvV4PyO9rSkxdM.gif *

swtchoco 7.05.11 - 03:22am
KtYGRDGXfSdnJ4J3lESa.gif *

winxxx 7.06.11 - 06:47am
hug.GIFhug.GIFhug.GIF bro choco n dj sam....if u only knew how am i goin through in life, it was vry2 sad even at this vry moment i am crryng all this load. btw i am happy knwing smhow my frinds rememberd me...love u guys n wish to chat u more frequently. *

winxxx 7.06.11 - 06:48am
bro u are sweet in evrywhere hehe hug.GIF *

27285503 28.11.12 - 06:44pm
Bored in ma marriage *

warded 10.05.18 - 01:23pm
Sup people. *

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