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Subject: How do you know a man loves yo
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metalace 18.09.10 - 10:27am
Without him telling you he actually does? When do they know they love a girl? *

bad_01 28.09.10 - 10:38am
When he keeps goming back to you without you asking him. *

dj_sam 28.09.10 - 04:22pm
thinking.GIF *

loewieee 15.10.10 - 10:19am
Actual man pretends its hard 2 tel he does luvs a gal. Bt u cn tel if he txt ha much or cll or being thr 4 ha... *

dj_sam 15.10.10 - 05:07pm
By the m0vements of a man, a w0man can read whether he l0ves her or n0t but the w0man must be alert f0r his m0vements to find it out, it might take a little time but its w0rth it when she tries it out mark my w0rds na clap3.GIF *

chusy 19.10.10 - 10:33am
Dey say men r tricky bt wen it comes 2 luv dey fal easily.Wen a man realy luves u there is no point hiding it,only if he wants 2 knw u r also faithful 2 him. *

j2222 18.01.11 - 05:59am
How do u know agal she is loving u *

dj_sam 18.01.11 - 04:03pm
by her physical behavior 2thumbsup.GIF *

mr.mek 29.01.11 - 02:57am
Hey Baby, woman has sixth sense. Hw can she unaware of man's attitude? The heart beating n eye movement, body expressions n d dialogue will prove that he likes u. Ha ha ha. If u feel d fragrance,u can catch it.. Be lovable 4 ur beloved n be loved. *

hushh007 15.02.11 - 08:18am
When he actually does the things that makes you happy without you asking *

dj_sam 16.02.11 - 03:58am
thinking.GIF *

winxxx 18.02.11 - 09:27am
He is vry protectv..wil advice u nd c0rrect u wenevr u do wr0ng..wl nevr leave u no mattr wat... *

dj_sam 19.02.11 - 11:25am
And that he who winx x x mentioned is none other than me na... 2thumbsup.GIF *

mercury5 22.02.11 - 05:32am
Movement of man can show all features of love to her. *

dj_sam 22.02.11 - 03:07pm
ExaCTLy...!!! *

daisy81 4.03.11 - 06:17am
Hi dj sammissu.GIFhunhug.GIFmy friends.GIF *

winxxx 4.03.11 - 06:19am
push.GIFdaisy81hug.GIFdj *

winxxx 4.03.11 - 06:20am
Thank u hun, thnks 4 holdin on..miss u much nahmwah.GIF *

battler2 28.10.14 - 07:26am
Slip onvthr chest ask him if he has anothr gal out thr if the heart bits fast thr u ave it if ot goes normal thr 2 u ave it... Dnt trust thr words *

metalace 2.12.14 - 05:58am
Wow 4 years later and I am still fked living in a constant crazy circular rollercoaster....when will I ever learn lol... *

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