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Subject: Wat makes a guy not 2 check on
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diceygrl 7.01.11 - 04:33am
Y does most guys claims 2 luv a girl but dont cal dont text dont remember special dates valentine,birthday anniversary always making up excuses *

dj_sam 7.01.11 - 02:25pm
hmmm.GIF then that means they dont really love them but they fancy them for fun etc... take my words thats what they are up to hun mwah... *

johnie14 13.01.11 - 06:54pm
Sometimes we got so busy 2 rem such thngs but rem in our hrts u leads.not calling,texting doesnt mean we cheat on u sometimes we even lack romantic words 2 give.sorry but teach ur man wht u need n u 'll never complain again *

winxxx 16.04.11 - 11:31am
clap2.GIF *

dj_sam 17.04.11 - 01:58pm
smile.GIF *

battler2 28.10.14 - 07:14am
Meeen gal get sum clas u cn do tht 2 daaah kis it mrng... Coz u jst getin warmed up *

metalace 18.11.15 - 03:08am
People get territorial and try to mask this with the word 'love'. It's just that they don't really want you at all but they still don't want anyone else to have you either. Also too if it's been a long term thing sometimes ppl just get too comfortable and slack with efforts, they should make more efforts after you've spoken with them about how you feel and still no response, then if they walk or you do either way they dont really care anymore unfortunately. *

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