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Subject: I beg u all
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trowland 4.02.11 - 09:13pm
My fiance, a member verez of our honourable group left me yesterday, i'll so appreciate if we all can call her on 08025419520 to make her c reason that she's everything and everything in my life. Thank 4 ur anti ted help *

dj_sam 5.02.11 - 03:33pm
thinking.GIF hey members do you all have any comments? hmmm.GIF *

danhage 28.03.11 - 10:39am
oh u really i see u care for her alot *

winxxx 16.04.11 - 11:28am
in life... evrything is happend for a reason..but i dont hav a credit to call her mobile atm *

dj_sam 17.04.11 - 01:59pm
O yeah hun hmmm.GIF *

edweena 31.05.11 - 09:50am
I wonder whether people called *

dj_sam 31.05.11 - 03:33pm
may be may be not *

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