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Subject: Can a girl.....
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dpak14u 23.03.11 - 06:50am
I luv a girl who is taller than i.can a girl luv a shorter boy? *

dj_sam 24.03.11 - 03:38pm
if its a genuine n true love the answer to ur question is YES *

battler2 28.10.14 - 07:27am
Yes evrygal has a weak point brother... Yesssssss *

benngode 23.03.15 - 03:50am
In love so long as u do the rights then all obstacles get dissolved *

metalace 18.11.15 - 03:04am
You cannot help who you love, you just love who you love _ so she would love you anyway no matter how tall because all else is insignificant. Good luck mister! _ *

warded 10.05.18 - 01:22pm
Of course they can. *

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