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Subject: Cheating
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basurera 19.04.11 - 05:06am
Is it ok for a man to cheat on u nd have s*x wit a prostitute *

dj_sam 19.04.11 - 02:01pm
i do n0t agree with that becoz if a man is in a relati0nship why does he have to have s*x with a pr0stitute? thinking.GIF *

jugsjulz 15.05.11 - 03:20am
No way,show him the road. *

dj_sam 16.05.11 - 04:06am
hmmm.GIF that's true. *

battler2 28.10.14 - 07:12am
Men carry a curse n a blessing cnt say no 2 a woman bt satisfying her is all in da head soo...its true n live with it *

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