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Subject: Family issues
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danhage 17.05.11 - 09:58pm
Hi ya 'll. It's been a long time since i ve been here!! I need on my family problems. My real dad came back to our country for gud! I ve got so much anger in me. I hate him for leaving me alone all this years. Must i go and look for him or just leave. I ve got a step dad who gave me the fatherly love that i needed and i dnt want to dispoint him. Plz help *

dj_sam 18.05.11 - 02:01am
n0 u got to respect ur dad, any step dad can give u fatherly love, but u got ur biological dad's bl0od in u 1st of all find out what was the reas0n ur dad went abroad may be to earn g0od money to spend on u n ur family... think twice or m0re before u make these silly n stupid statements again... smile.GIF *

danhage 18.05.11 - 11:06am
I knw he went to study when i was very young. Tel me all the years he came to visit his family and his other daughter but he never visit'd me or contact'd me!! sad2.GIF *

dj_sam 18.05.11 - 04:46pm
that's sad to hear wonder why...? why don't u try meeting him up n talking ab0ut this n getting an answer with0ut worrying so much wink.GIF *

danhage 18.05.11 - 06:59pm
I'l try...... *

dj_sam 18.05.11 - 08:08pm
g0od luck 2thumbsup.GIF *

danhage 23.05.11 - 05:06pm
I ve tried. But today i found out that he does nt want me and that i m nt his daughter. What nw? sad2.GIF *

dj_sam 24.05.11 - 01:58pm
hmmm.GIF thats sad... why d0nt u hunt for ur real father? *

danhage 24.05.11 - 07:29pm
cause i dnt want him in my life anymore *

dj_sam 25.05.11 - 05:07pm
confused.GIF *

danhage 25.05.11 - 07:21pm
he said i m not his real daughter *

dj_sam 26.05.11 - 05:41pm
ThaT's sad To hear ThaT hun... *

danhage 26.05.11 - 07:28pm
i m so angry and hurt angry2.GIF *

dj_sam 27.05.11 - 02:27pm
be c0oL n caLm until G0d rewards y0u na 2thumbsup.GIF *

danhage 28.05.11 - 09:20am
thank u sam, *

dj_sam 28.05.11 - 05:13pm
weLcOme hun wink.GIF *

edweena 30.05.11 - 04:25pm
Hey gal,wat i would advise u is that since the guy u thot was ur real dad has denied being that, jst move on!forget about meeting ur real dad.if ur stepfather gave u love then continue loving him as ur dad.be happy 4 having a dad albeit nt biological.some of us grew without a dad *

dj_sam 30.05.11 - 05:28pm
0h yeah keep y0ur head up n m0ve f0rward like a c0urage girl na *

danhage 2.06.11 - 06:32pm
thanks so much, i m just going to move on *

dj_sam 3.06.11 - 02:59am
im happy for u hun @ danhage *

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