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Subject: HELP
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mary_jay 21.02.11 - 05:17pm
i guess i'm 4lin u a guy datz 3 years olda dan me,its kinda incrsn evrydai,but i don't want him 2 know,wat can i do *

dj_sam 22.02.11 - 03:06pm
hmmm.GIF nice to hear that news na... *

winxxx 4.03.11 - 06:27am
Age d0esnt mattr dear,,bt if u lov dat guy how cn u kip ur fe3lings 4him? If u r happy to hide ur feeln then kip it dat way, othrwise u hv to tel him/her wats on ur mind. *

dj_sam 5.03.11 - 05:23am
2thumbsup.GIF *

mary_jay 9.03.11 - 05:44am
i don't know,but i guess i'll hide it 4 now!! *

dj_sam 10.03.11 - 03:38pm
Ooooh Ok hun... *

danhage 28.03.11 - 10:34am
hi there...you should find out if he likes u to you know..who knows he may feel the same as u to *

mary_jay 29.03.11 - 06:48pm
how will i know dat???????? *

winxxx 16.04.11 - 11:24am
common sense hun..if he wl pay attention to u or he if he wil gv u good response to ur purpose.,thers a possibility that he likes u too ( if im not wrong) *

winxxx 7.06.11 - 06:53am
why are u crying hun baby.GIF *

babygl4u 6.11.12 - 01:49pm
look hun go for it age doesnt matter its just a number do what your heart says goodluck darling x *

warded 10.05.18 - 01:25pm
Three years age difference is nothing. *

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